Time-Lapsing at Conservation Leeve Greenway

By: Humberto Ochoa

Trails in Florida are famous for their long distance and quietness. It’s easy to enjoy and connect with nature as well as doing some activities like hiking, running and bicycle riding. There is a place where I’ve been several times and think you might enjoy if you take the chance of trying.  Conservation Leeve Greenway surrounds a wildlife protected area located in Broward County. It marks an abrupt end of a populated area and the beginning of quietude of the Everglades. Walking the trail in a sunny day can be a fun experience but you have to be aware of the heat, especially in summer where you should bring enough water to keep you fresh and hydrated. Nature could be a little loud during specific times of the day but  if you enjoy noiselessness  then night time would be the perfect moment to visit.

My greatest experience on this trail was while filming a time-lapse video test last January 2017. I arrived around 7:30 pm, grabbed my tripod and camera and then I walked a mile to be as far as possible from the Expressway lights to avoid what is commonly known as light pollution. Setting up the gear was quite a task because the dark, but thanks to my cellphone’s light I could set all the technical parameters in camera. After more than 3 hours filming I felt that I had enough footage to work with. Just before starting packing and walk towards the Expressway I decided to enjoy for a couple of minutes the solitude and peacefulness of that wonderful place. The time-lapse video test was a success and now I can go to other  areas of the Everglades for more. Next time I’ll be better prepared for the new adventure.



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