Evolving Past

By: Mac Itriago

Classic, old, vintage are few adjectives used to describe an era remembered for its cultural and social impact. Often these days we find us as society drawn to revive the “Golden Days”. It is common to walk down your nearby street and encounter a person or group of people dressed like the decade they feel matches with a way of thinking and living.

Evolving past is a walk through memories that remain.  Everything that we know is part of a cycle, history brings back the past and reveals itself as a story told. It invites us to evoke glamour, style, mystery at every step of the journey. Being a woman now and then has changed but it remains unaltered at the same time. It is not about how old you are or how long ago those days were “Today”. It is about an untold tale of endless wonder that remains.

Model: Amanda Ware

Photographer: Humberto Ochoa

Photographer assistant: Raul Montejo

Production: Mac Itriago

Make up and jewelry artcraft: Mariana Itriago

Location: Duni’s Farm

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© Copyright 2014 wwwhocho, All rights Reserved. Written For: HUMBERTO OCHOA PHOTOGRAPHY