Time-Lapsing at Conservation Leeve Greenway

By: Humberto Ochoa

Trails in Florida are famous for their long distance and quietness. It’s easy to enjoy and connect with nature as well as doing some activities like hiking, running and bicycle riding. There is a place where I’ve been several times and think you might enjoy if you take the chance of trying.  Conservation Leeve Greenway surrounds a wildlife protected area located in Broward County. It marks an abrupt end of a populated area and the beginning of quietude of the Everglades. Walking the trail in a sunny day can be a fun experience but you have to be aware of the heat, especially in summer where you should bring enough water to keep you fresh and hydrated. Nature could be a little loud during specific times of the day but  if you enjoy noiselessness  then night time would be the perfect moment to visit.

My greatest experience on this trail was while filming a time-lapse video test last January 2017. I arrived around 7:30 pm, grabbed my tripod and camera and then I walked a mile to be as far as possible from the Expressway lights to avoid what is commonly known as light pollution. Setting up the gear was quite a task because the dark, but thanks to my cellphone’s light I could set all the technical parameters in camera. After more than 3 hours filming I felt that I had enough footage to work with. Just before starting packing and walk towards the Expressway I decided to enjoy for a couple of minutes the solitude and peacefulness of that wonderful place. The time-lapse video test was a success and now I can go to other  areas of the Everglades for more. Next time I’ll be better prepared for the new adventure.



An Encounter Of The Third Kind At NASA

Article: Humberto Ochoa

Picture: Humberto Ochoa

Surround music starts and we watch a digital projection of an event that happened in the late 1960’s. The footage is projected on a screen that it’s been set all around including roof and walls. Like us, every person in the projection room watch standing with all their attention on the material that is being played, specially kids which sometimes exclaim with a “Wow…!”  filling the room with enthusiasm. We watch a design of what it seems an airplane, people coming and going building parts, more drawings are shown, more testing, and more people involved.  A few minutes after  music continues in crescendo while a curtain behind that projection screen rises up revealing the awesome Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Started its structural assembly of crew module on March,30th, 1980 and 5 years later on October 1985 is launched on its first fly at NASA, Florida. The Space Shuttle weighed 165,000 pounds empty. Its external tank weighed 78,100 pounds empty and its two solid rocket boosters weighed 185,000 pounds empty each. Each solid rocket booster held 1.1 million pounds of fuel. The external tank held 143,000 gallons of liquid oxygen (1,359,000 pounds) and 383,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen (226,000 pounds).  A total super marvelous engineering artifact!

Space Shuttle Atlantis is currently displayed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor ComplexNASA Administrator Charles Bolden announced the decision at an employee event held on April, 12th, 2011 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first shuttle flight: “First, here at the Kennedy Space Center where every shuttle mission and so many other historic human space flights have originated, we’ll showcase my old friend, Atlantis.” The Visitor Complex displays Atlantis suspended with its payload bay doors opened such that it appears to be back in orbit around the Earth. After more than 30 missions conducted, Space Shuttle Atlantis still looks stunning and leaves you breathless because its majestic design. It is then when you realize about how spectacular and unique the human mind can be which it can take you almost everywhere when purpose and perseverance get together in just one phrase “Failure is not an option!”


Footfalls echo in the memory.
The challenge is to transcend yourself. To wake up every day and smile. Certain spaces might restrain your energy, that of what you are and who you are. To dare these ideas lead you to discover there is something beyond what you believe. Not everything is what it seems, and then your eyes will open up to the wonders of who you really are. You are what you think. However, ideas always change and evolve. To dare is the challenge as well as the journey is the destination. Seeing yourself gives you the freedom to express it through your eyes, body language or silence. You are yourself, now and always.
By: Mac Itriago

Keep Moving Forward

By:Mac Itriago
“To the woman who keeps moving forward despite all circumstances”
Challenging all preconceived ideas and judgments. Reacting to your instinct and inner voice. The path unravels in front of you. When everything seems to stop around you the rebellious woman arises and you follow your instinct. Keep moving forward, do not stop. Water that stagnates rots. Femininity is the motivation that helps you give a hundred percent every time. Shake the dust of the road and enjoy being a woman, always a woman, always yourself.
Model: Susy Solino
Photographer: Humberto Ochoa
Photographer assistant: Raul Montejo
Production: Mac Itriago
Location: Duni’s Farm
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Viva la Frida!

Article by: Mac Itriago

Model: Sonia Vazquez

 “Viva la Frida” is more than being inspired by an incredible woman. A tribute to the subject, past and present celebrating life the fullest. Love beyond limits, live your passion, ride life with open eyes. A woman that is free and overcomes fear to accept the challenge of self discovery. Viva la Frida! Viva the woman you are and recognize.  


Evolving Past

By: Mac Itriago

Classic, old, vintage are few adjectives used to describe an era remembered for its cultural and social impact. Often these days we find us as society drawn to revive the “Golden Days”. It is common to walk down your nearby street and encounter a person or group of people dressed like the decade they feel matches with a way of thinking and living.

Evolving past is a walk through memories that remain.  Everything that we know is part of a cycle, history brings back the past and reveals itself as a story told. It invites us to evoke glamour, style, mystery at every step of the journey. Being a woman now and then has changed but it remains unaltered at the same time. It is not about how old you are or how long ago those days were “Today”. It is about an untold tale of endless wonder that remains.

Model: Amanda Ware

Photographer: Humberto Ochoa

Photographer assistant: Raul Montejo

Production: Mac Itriago

Make up and jewelry artcraft: Mariana Itriago

Location: Duni’s Farm

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Reveal Yourself

Article by:  Mac Itriago

Model: Mariana Itriago

Reveal the spirit of a woman born to succeed. A touch of mystery and tenderness merge in a perfect moment of stillness. Vibrant energy that encompasses the beauty of your own reflection. Become what you always imagined you could be. Draw your own destiny. Surrender to the voice embracing your soul.

Express Your Inner Fashion

Timeless beauty at every step. A wide road in front takes you to the place a woman will always feel free. Inside your inner style, your perceptive taste for glamour and fashion the feminine power unleashes. It has always been with you. It will always stay with you. It will always pass onto generations. Nothing of what you see resides outside. Everything you always wanted remains within. Express your inner fashion by being yourself every step of the way.

By: Mac Itriago

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