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Posted by wwwhocho on September 25, 2014 in Stories |

Footfalls echo in the memory.   The challenge is to transcend yourself. To wake up every day and smile. Certain spaces might restrain your energy, that of what you are and who you are. To dare these ideas lead you to discover there is something beyond what you believe. Not everything is what it seems, […]

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Keep Moving Forward

Posted by wwwhocho on September 14, 2014 in Stories |

By:Mac Itriago “To the woman who keeps moving forward despite all circumstances” Challenging all preconceived ideas and judgments. Reacting to your instinct and inner voice. The path unravels in front of you. When everything seems to stop around you the rebellious woman arises and you follow your instinct. Keep moving forward, do not stop. Water […]

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Viva la Frida!

Posted by wwwhocho on September 5, 2014 in Stories |

Article by: Mac Itriago Model: Sonia Vazquez  “Viva la Frida” is more than being inspired by an incredible woman. A tribute to the subject, past and present celebrating life the fullest. Love beyond limits, live your passion, ride life with open eyes. A woman that is free and overcomes fear to accept the challenge of self discovery. […]

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